App Mania: Is it your friend or foe?

app dave condiff technology Apr 15, 2021

Have you ever seen kids so possessed by using apps on a device that they tune out the whole world around them? This is usually a negative thing, and it can even cause a little disruption in your world. So when I discovered an app that captivates children from ages 4 to 10, I celebrated that somebody had the vision and foresight to create something that is actually impacting the lives of three of my grandchildren. What I am talking about is the Pastor Fish app. With this app, I have seen my grandchildren battle to have “their turn” on multiple devices.

I was introduced to the free Pastor Fish App at a children’s pastors event, and I downloaded it to check it out. The app includes episodes of 15 Bible stories—all told by Pastor Fish. It also includes six original songs that are catchy and that my grandchildren listen to over and over—memorizing them quickly. It also includes a catalog of games with a coloring book, counting, memory matching and other activities that captivate kids for hours. I didn’t recall I even had the app until a visit with four of my seven grandchildren. We were driving in my minivan with them, and I loaned them my phone. They struck “App Gold” when they found the app.

We grandparents find ourselves searching for ways that we can impact the lives of our grandchildren when they are open to spiritual things. Many times the competition between Minecraft and all the other apps offered to kids makes it hard to break through the noise. This is why it was such a surprise when the Pastor Fish app fell into our lap. Once the kids started playing with it, the problem then became what ground rules we had to create so everyone could have their turns before the device lost power. It has been a great surprise to us all to watch how my grand kiddies never get tired of it. The app is now something they look forward to whenever we come for a visit.

So, technology—more than ever—is my friend. Even though I struggle at what seems to be easy for others, I occasionally find buried treasure where I least expect to find it. The point I wish to emphasize here is that I have found gold in seeking ways to bring the Bible alive with my grandkids. I usually would be willing to pay for this kind of treasure. I know I have invested in toys and games and theme park tickets and books and all kinds of promises from others to help me in my search.

I am excited to report that this surprise discovery was the best price of all—free.


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