Appreciating Your People: How Making and Deepening Your Connections Elevates Your Leadership

leadership sam chand Jun 24, 2020

There’s something interesting that I observe many leaders doing: they’ll go to a conference, seminar, or workshop, and they’ll hang around people they know…only people they know. We all have something in us that gravitates toward comfort, and people with whom we feel at ease.

However, I have found that my life has been totally transformed and changed simply by meeting one person I did not know.

If you’re in leadership, you’ll go to a lot of meetings. When you do, seek out people you don’t know. After all, you can always meet up with your friends and catch up later. Make an effort to seek out new relationships and connections that are mutually beneficial.

Not only that, but remember that, when you meet someone, you’ll now have their information. What are you going to do with it? Personally, I like to take a few seconds to write people notes—either on physical paper, email, or text message. When I go to meetings, I look around and make a list of people I feel led to write a note to.

Not only is it important to meet people; but it’s essential to nurture those connections. Your leadership won’t grow because of what you do alone; it will grow even more so because of who you know. You see, people are not impressed with what you know; but they will never forget how you made them feel. If I can honor somebody, respect somebody, make them feel special, and make them understand that they were not just another person in the meeting, I can increase my level of influence, and make my work environment a better one to be part of for everyone else.

Meet new people, and show them your appreciation. It takes seconds to do, but it will have a lifetime of impact.



This article was written by Sam Chand



Sam Chand has served as senior pastor, college president, chancellor and president emeritus. A consultant and mentor to leaders of leaders, Sam Chand’s singular vision for his life is to help others succeed. Sam Chand develops leaders through consultations, books and speaking engagements. Leaders are using Sam Chand's books as handbooks worldwide in leadership development.


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