[Podcast] How to Close the Racial Divides in Your Church and Community: A Conversation with Dennis Rouse

In this episode, we’ll talk with Pastor Dennis Rouse about his new book, One: Healing the Racial Divide. This topic is pertinent to our world, the year we’re walking through, and the challenges we’re facing, both as a society and as the church. Listen as Pastor Dennis shares authentic, practical insights from his years of leading and promoting unity and reconciliation!

[0:01––4:09] Introduction

[4:10––6:43] Meet Dennis Rouse!

[6:44––9:55] About One: Healing the Racial Divide

[10:53––14:07] Challenges That Leaders Face

[14:08––21:16] Diversity and Reconciliation

[21:17––25:23] Political Division and Church Unity

[25:24––30:07] Racism vs. Preference

[30:08––34:00] Social Media Use for the Believer

[34:01––39:19] What Holds Leaders Back from Inclusivity

[39:20––45:30] Facing and Overcoming Offense

[45:31––51:29] Get Your Copy of One, plus extra resources, products, and content!

[51:30––57:03] Conclusion



This podcast was featuring Dennis Rouse



Along with his wife Colleen, Dennis Rouse founded Victory World Church in Norcross, GA, attended by more than 16000 members from over 140 countries. Dennis lives his life by three principles: simplicity, sincerity and sacrifice. He strongly believes we will not experience the fullness of God in our lives unless we move from simply being a believer to a committed disciple.


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