[Podcast] Achieving Your Goals: A Conversation with Nicole Crank

In this episode, we’ll sit down with Nicole Crank and discuss her latest book, Goal Getters in greater depth! Together, we’ll discuss how to set your goals, your follow-through, and how to achieve them. By utilizing the strategies talked about in this podcast, you will be equipped to attain even your biggest goals!

[0:00-4:50]: Introduction/Meet Nicole Crank

[4:50-14:15]: Common Mistakes

[14:15-16:00]: Clarity of Vision, 

[16:00-18:45]: The Importance of Celebration

[18:45-30:00]: Vision Boards and Planning Effectively

[30:00-40:50]: Failure, Not Quitting, and Moving Forward

[40:50-47:30]: Goal Getters offer and Nicole’s powerful story

[47:30-49:05]: AVAIL Leadership Journal 

[49:05-54:00]: Closing Thoughts/Outro


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This podcast was featuring Nicole Crank



Nicole Crank and her husband David are the founders and lead pastors of FaithChurch.com, bloggers, and authors, with three church campuses in St. Louis, Missouri, and one campus in West Palm Beach, Florida. You can find Nicole on national weekly television programs. Her latest books include Hi God, One More Thing and Goal Getters: 5 Steps to Finally Getting What You Want. She’s also the leader of the Circle of Friends community as well as the T12 Transformation Program.


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