[Podcast] Christianity and Relevance: A Conversation with Alan Platt

In this episode, we’re sitting down with visionary Alan Platt! Alan has worked as CEO of Doxa Deo, lead architect in the Church United program, and is the leader of the City Changers Movement. Through holding these positions, Alan has gained extensive experience in the leadership and ministry field which he hopes to share with us today!

[0:00-6:06]: Introduction/Meet Alan Platt

[6:06-10:35]: Becoming Relevant in Culture

[10:35-14:41]: Making an Impact in the World, Not Just the Church

[14:41-16:40]: Every Dimension Filled with Christ & Discipleship

[16:40-21:50]: Carrying the Presence of God

[21:50-26:07]: Bearing the Burden of Community

[26:07-32:30]: The Various Stances of the Church

[32:30-37:05]: Aligning with the Lordship of Jesus Christ

[37:05-44:04]: To Advance God’s Kingdom & Positioning Yourself for the Miraculous

[44:03-45:41]: The City Changers Movement

[45:41-50:10]: Connect with Alan Platt & City Changers (doxadeo.org & citychanger.org)

[50:10-51:53]: AVAIL Journal Offer availleadership.org/avail-journal

[51:53-55:54]: Conclusion/Final Thoughts


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This podcast was featuring Alan Platt



Alan Platt works as the CEO of Doxa Deo churches which are proudly serving 30,000 people worldwide, leader of the City Changers Movement, and is also the lead architect in the Church United program. Alan is happily married to his wife, Leana with two kids, and resides in South Florida.



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