[Podcast] Ears of Faith: A Conversation with John Houston

In today’s episode, we’re sitting down with Founder, CEO, and author John Houston! Together, we’ll delve into how we can come to have ears of faith in any situation, talk about John’s new book, Finding My Way Home: A Journey to Discover Hope and a Life of Purpose, and draw on John’s vast experiences in the marketplace!

[0:00-11:50]: Intro/Meet John Houston

[11:50-16:12]: The Start of John Houston Homes

[16:12-19:24]: Behind Finding My Way Home: A Journey to Discover Hope and a Life of Purpose

[19:24-21:32]: Setting Priorities: Where do God, family, and work come in?

[21:32-26:33]: Family Standards & Living for God

[27:11-33:55]: Developing Ears of Faith

[33:55-39:23]: Making Disciples vs. Getting Others Saved

[39:23-42:47]: Loving People Where They Are

[42:47–44:18]: Connect with John Houston/Purchase Finding My Way Home – MeetJohnHouston.com

[44:18-45:21]: The AVAIL Journal

[45:21-48:32]: Outro/Closing Thoughts


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