[Podcast] Hindsight 20/20: A Conversation with Maury Davis

In this episode, we’re sitting down with Maury Davis! Maury has served in ministry for over 30 years, and has invaluable experience and insight to share with listeners! He’ll also be going into detail about his book, Hindsight 20/20 and elaborating on how listeners can avoid making the same mistakes he did – learn from his mistakes!

[0:00-7:27]: Introduction/Meet Maury Davs

[7:27-14:50]: The Inspiration Behind Hindsight 20/20

[14:50-20:21]: The Dangers of Micromanagement

[20:21-22:12]: Being Authentic Vs. Unfiltered

[22:12-23:03]: Collaboration and Leading Effectively

[23:03-25:40]: Transparent Introspection

[25:40-28:26]: Recognizing the Giftings of Others

[28:26-30:24]: Working Under Difficult Leadership

[30:24-34:22]: Effective Transitional Timing

[34:22-45:26]: Hindsight 20/20 Bundle Offer theartofleadership.com/hindsight

[45:26-49:33]: Connect with Maury Davis

[49:33-55:14]: Outro/Final Thoughts



This podcast was featuring Maury Davis



Maury Davis has three decades of ministry experience, having led as the senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in Nashville. Known for vision casting and creating an atmosphere of excellence, his church’s international ministry has partnered around the world, building over 2,000 churches in Kenya, and schools and orphanages in India, Thailand, and many other nations. Through the years, Maury has developed a heart for training and equipping the next generation of pastors to better lead their congregations and grow their churches. He now acts as a coach and consultant, doing just that.


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