Reviving Hope: A new film explores the days between Easter and the ascension

I am excited to share with the world my new film from MGM and Lightworkers that is premiering on discovery+ this Easter Season called Resurrection. Resurrection is a biblical epic that follows the immediate aftermath of Jesus’ crucifixion and shows the days leading up to the ascension of Jesus and the events in the Upper Room.

In Resurrection, Jesus’ followers were leaderless, hunted and desperately searching for understanding after their traumatic experience. Yet when they discovered that Jesus did indeed rise from the dead, they understood that hope didn’t die on the cross; it now lived in them. 

Resurrection is an important film that will shine a light on perhaps the most important story ever told. People today are desperately searching for hope and meaning. Our world has turned upside down as people have been living in isolation and fear. This life-changing story provides hope and the answers that people today are searching for through our risen Savior’s message. 

I believe today that faithful audiences crave content that speaks to their faith and values, and I can think of no better home for this new film than discovery+. David Zaslav and his team have created an incredible home for family-friendly entertainment, and I look forward to sharing Resurrection’s ultimate story of hope with you and your family via the discovery+ platform. 

Pastors and church leaders, I would be so blessed and honored if you would help us spread the word about this new release with your congregation and community. I believe that multitudes will be encouraged and blessed by this film. I appreciate your help and partnership as we work together to reach people worldwide with the message of the cross. 

Visit discoveryplus.com/resurrection for more information.


This article was extracted from Issue 5 (Spring 2021) of the AVAIL Journal. Claim your free annual subscription here.

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