Identifying Emerging Leaders

leadership virgil sierra Mar 09, 2020

When any organization begins to grow and expand, the need for identifying new leaders increases.  As the lead pastor of a growing and flourishing church over the last years, I continuously find myself thinking about how to discover, develop, and deploy more new leaders to run with our vision and help lead our people.  If we truly want to continue growing, it is imperative that we consider ways in which we can identify emerging leaders.  We don’t get great leaders by chance or luck.  As a growing organization, we must constantly, strategically, and systematically be looking for leaders.  The question is, How do we do it?  When trying to identify and spot upcoming leaders, at Vertical Church we have a filter of five characteristics that we consider.


  1. MAGNETIC: Are they magnetic? Leaders are people who draw others to themselves.  Who are the people in your organization who always have people around...
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If You Have a Dream – Then Just Do Something

dream leadership phil cooke Mar 01, 2020

No, this isn’t an ad for Nike.  But I was listening to an interview with a health expert and she said that (short of periods of massive famine, war, or disease,) although we know more about health and well-being than at anytime in history, we’re still pretty much the most overweight and unhealthy group that’s ever lived.  The reason?  She said that today, a significant group of people don’t get into shape because they’re waiting for the perfect situation. 

They wait on a health club membership, until they get married, have more time, adjust their schedule, get the right workout clothes, a new job – whatever.  They think they have to get all the stars aligned, but until they do, they don’t do anything.  But the truth is, to have better health, all we have to do is start with something small.  Start walking, take the stairs, eat less, get a check-up – little things make a huge difference.

I immediately...

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The Wisdom Gap: The Space Between Leaders and Followers

leadership sam chand wisdom Feb 23, 2020

As a leader, you grow simply by waking up. Isn’t that true? You have leaders and thinkers speaking into your life all day, every day. Today, you will read a book (or portions of it); you will listen to a podcast; you will see a short YouTube video; you will engage in high-level, vision-place conversations with your leader. You will have conversations with your friends and peers that are vision-centric. So, as a leader, you have all these things coming into your life, and you don’t even have to plan for it or seek it out, necessarily.

The wisdom gap occurs because the people who work for you—those you lead—don’t have this kind of atmosphere every day. They’re working in cubicles. They aren’t getting the same resources. They’re not part of leadership networks and calls that you are a part of. They don’t have a personal development plan like you do. People you are leading don’t have the bandwidth—the...

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