Automate Everything

I have a passion for automation—for setting up systems and processes that reduce human involvement and maximize ministry output.

For example, during my time in ministry, I kept an email folder called “Drafts.” Inside this folder were 25 different responses to common questions: questions about baptism, infant dedication, our summer programming, and so on. These email responses were pre-written and well thought-out; they waited in the wings to be sent to people who had the appropriate questions. That is automation: working on something once in such a way that it works hundreds of times for me in the future.

In ministry, if we don’t come to the table with some level of automation, we are going to be a small gear spinning so fast that it starts to smoke. That is a recipe for burnout. If you sit down and think through the elements of your ministry you can automate right now, you’ll begin to set up a process that literally pays you back hundreds of hours...

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