How to Be the Best Mediocre You

"If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.”              —Anonymous

If you desire to have a high-impact organization with results beyond your current experience, then you are going to need to embrace one thing: change!              Without change, things stay the same, results remain mediocre, and organizations become stagnant.       

Almost everyone likes the idea of change, yet embracing it is a different story. We do the things we do because of what we’ve been taught. Our behavior is rooted in how we’ve been raised; the culture we were brought up in has contributed to patterns we’ve made our own over the years. We view the world around us through a paradigm established by these collective factors, which have created a limitation, an invisible barrier,...

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The Damage of Showing Up Late – Even a Little

I met a producer the other day who was really frustrated. He doesn’t perform well at meetings, he continually gets turned down for jobs, and his career is suffering. I met with him because I know he’s talented, has great energy, and good people skills. I was baffled at what his problem might be until he showed up for our meeting...late. For some reason, I couldn’t get his being late off my mind so I started to probe. I found out that being late for things is pretty much a constant in his life. He won’t admit it of course, but I started to ask around, and sure enough – others had the same experience as me.

The opportunity came up for me to go with him to a meeting, so I took it and observed him very closely. Here’s what transpired:

He was late picking me up, so I asked him what happened. He said he wanted to get plenty of rest, so he slept late as he could, which admittedly threw him off his schedule. Then, just as he was walking out...

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