The Historical You and the Possible You

As you live your life today, there are two versions of “you” that influence your beliefs and decisions. All of us have the choice as to which version we will fixate on more, and which version has the most sway over our life.

The first version of you that influences your life is the Historical You. This you is comprised of your past—your past decisions, your past relationships, your past callings, jobs, hobbies, attitudes, beliefs, and so on. The Historical You is who you have been, and where you’ve been. It’s why you’re here today. There’s value and merit to the Historical You. Without that past, you wouldn’t be who you are.

Consider a newborn baby. On Day One of the baby’s life, he or she can potentially speak any language in the world. However, where in the world the baby is born—to what parents, in what culture, in what nation—will determine what language he or she learns to speak first. A German baby will speak...

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