Coloring Outside the Lines

What does it mean to color outside the lines?

When I reference lines and colors, I’m talking about the defaults and templates that exist in our business and ministry worlds. There are certain procedures and patterns for how things are done. The catch is that, sometimes, these patterns actually hold us back from innovating.

When I was younger, I believed I was called by God into the ministry. I also believed, based on the ministry templates I’d been surrounded with my entire life, that this limited me to three branches of employment: a pastor, a missionary, or an itinerant speaker. Today, I believe that God is more creative than that! When we go beyond our self-imposed limits, we’ll find that there’s so much more in store for us than the templates we’ve created for ourselves.

You have a unique gift— a unique color. Nobody else in all of history will possess the exact calling and color that you possess. Therefore, your color automatically falls...

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