Systems Take Time, Systems Make Time

Over the years, I’ve been guilty of spending an inordinate amount of time on the front end of a task or project. Instead of simply completing the task, I’ll also create a system to make completing future tasks easier.  As we’ve already discussed, automation is helpful for tasks that are going to be repeated or recurring ministry experiences. The secret to automation is creating systems! Not only do you need to document everything you do—you need to systematize it.

Earlier, I mentioned how I began to automate some recurring events, such as infant dedications. Some people with whom I’ve shared these tips think, “I don’t have time to spend 8-12 hours mapping out all of the little details that come up! That’s a waste of time!” Actually, it is a “waste of time” not to create systems. Why? Because the next time you need to prepare for the same task or event, you’ll be doubling the hours you spend working on it...

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